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Kangra Teerth

According to history Shri Kangra Teerth dates back to the ancient times. The teerth kshetra is believed to belong to the time of Lord Neminath, the twenty-second of the Jain Tirthankaras. Kangra was earlier known by the names 'Bhimkot' and 'Bhimnagar'. This teerth kshetra finds its mention in the tirthmalas that have been written by Acharyas and Upadhyays between the 14th and the 17 centuries. As per reference the temple of Shri Kangra Teerth was constructed under the instruction of King Susharampur. He also got the idol of Bhagwan Rishabh Dev installed in it. Later many ancient temples got destroyed here. This is the only temple here that survived the ravages of time. Thousands of pilgrims began visiting the teerth kshetra since the year 1947 of the Vikram Samvat Era. It thus became a notable and main teerth of Himachal Pradesh. The idol of Bhagawan Adishvar is believed to possess miraculous powers.

The temple of Shri Kangra Teerth houses the idol of Bhagawan Adishvar. The temple has been magnificently decorated with intricate artistic designs. The creative temple work boast about the skills of the craftsmen. The idol of the Lord is red in colour and is seated in a padmasana posture. The idol has been beautifully carved from a single stone and looks very appealing. The smiling face of the Lord looks very calm and serene.

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Kangra Teerth

According to history Shri Kangra Teerth dates back to the ancient times.

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